History of the Internet and When Did the Internet Become Popular

Have you seen the expansion of technology and changing frequently with the latest and new upcoming trends of technology? Thus with this expansion, it is not possible for giving credit for the discovery of the internet to the only person. The internet was the invention and effort hundreds of scientists, engineers, and programmers who discovered new technologies and features which were merged for becoming the superhighway of information that we know in today’s world. Here, we will discuss the history of the internet in detail.

In earlier times, before the technology came into existence for building the internet, many scientists had already come into the existence of networks worldwide with information. In 1900, the idea raised of the wireless system and some thinkers also gave a thought on it and made a storage system with searching, mechanized for books and media in 1930 and 1940.

Yet, the first practice for the internet has not arrived till the year 1960 and then the intergalactic networks of computer’s idea occurred of witching of packets which is the process of transmitting the data in the electronic form. And that would become the major building block in the world of the internet later on. This is just the beginning of the history of the internet which shows how it was discovered. Let us see the detailed features and technology arisen via the internet.

The first prototype of workable internet came in the 1960s with the discovery of ARPANET or say that Advanced research projects agency network which is the full form of ARPANET. It was discovered by the defense department in the U.S. which is used for switching the packets for enabling the number of PCs or computers to interact on one single network. The technology continued to grow in the 1970s after some famous scientist who developed two protocols such as transfer control protocol and internet protocol or TCP/IP, the models of communication which sets the standards for the transmission of data between multiple networks. ARPANET adopted the TCP/IP protocols in the month of January 1, 1993, and from there, researchers started to assemble the networks of networks that became the modern internet. The online world then took the more considered turn in 1990, scientists of computer namely Tim Berners-Lee discovered the world wide web. It is very confusing with the internet itself, that the web is actually the means of accessing the online data on the website and hyperlinks. The website helps the popularisation of the internet among the public and provides the services as the crucial step in integrating the vast book of information which is now accessible to everyone on a daily basis.

Nowadays, the day 6th August was an essential and important day in the history of the internet. On 6th August 1991, it means around 28 years ago, the www had become publicly available to everyone.  It is a developer who had published the projects’ short summary on the newsgroup and gave birth to the new technology which can change the world fundamentally.

The www has its own foundation in the work where Tim Berners did the work in the 1980s at the organization of nuclear research. He was in the search of the physicist to share the data and information across the world without using all the same types of software and hardware. This culminated in the year 1989 paper proposal the large hypertext database with the typed linking.

The initial proposal failed to have the momentum within the organization of CERN which was later then expanded into the more concrete proposing of the document with the www of connected documents via hypertext links. www has accepted the name of the project by the following declined possibilities. The 1990s year proposal shows the web content with proper format and type.

The document has the integration of the web which was used for many purposes like registration of documents, help online, documentation of the project, schemes of news and so on. Thus, the scientist and his associate computer scientist and engineer had the quality to ignore being so much specific about the potential uses.

In the year 1990, working on the computer developed, the steve jobs firm launched after being thrown out of the apple in mid-year 80s, Berners Lee invented the fir web browser software namely fittingly, www (World Wide Web). At the end of the year, he had already a prototype of the running web on a server at CERN organization.

Here, this is what every browser first looks like running on the NeXTSTEP OS. On 6th August 1991, the WWW was made live to the world. there was no fanfare for this in the world. actually, most of the people around the world did not have to know what the internet was. Even if they did such, the revolution of the web grown was in the eyes of Lee. Then the launch just marked its way of short postings from Berners Lee on the newsgroup, alt which is archived on the google groups.

The posting just described how to download the browser and suggester clients being it by trying the first public web page of Lee at the link of CERN. Thus, this web page is now no longer love, the later versions from the next following year raised and the history of the internet now seems to be very great as it now had become very popular in the daily lives of people. It acted as the guide to the beginner for the new technologies.

Evolution of the Internet and Web

From now on, things were getting changed and developing rapidly for the web. The first picture was uploaded in 1992, with the Lee selecting the pictures of French parodic rock group. Then in 1993, it was declared that the www (World Wide Web) was free for all people to use it and develop it with no paid fees which became the key factor in transforming a developing world which now has a fantastic impact on people.

Thus, after the history of the internet, this internet is now becoming popular from the year 2005 onwards after the convergence of mobile phones of the internet. And now life is just incomplete without web and internet for people. before everything new thing to do they surf it on the internet.

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