How to Get a Marriage Certificate in India?

Everyone knows that today in this world, the marriage certificate is mandatory. Thus, to get the marriage certificate in India is easy with the process to be followed. First of all, do you know the meaning of marriage certificate and what is it used for? If yes, then go through the process of getting it and if no, then this will also show you the meaning and use of it with its act recognized especially.

Marriage Certificate and Its Activities Under the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has made compulsory for all couples to register their marriages. In India, marriage has to be registered under the act of Hindu marriage or under the special act of marriage known as ‘Hindu marriage act, 1955 or special marriage act, 1954’. This Hindu act is applied to all Hindus and the special act is applied to all the people in India without any regards to religion.

The Hindu act offers the registration of an already married couple. Hence there are some eligibility conditions such as the age criteria. The age for getting eligible for the registered marriage certificate is 21 years for males and 18 years for females.

Registration Process for Marriage Certificate Under Both Acts

This Hindu act for marriage is applicable for those who come in Hinduism religions such as Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists, or Jains or they have converted their religion into these. Thus, the first step for the registration of marriage certificate is to apply in the sub-registrar under the marriage certificate section or act.

Both partners just have to fill out the application form with all their details, sign it out and submit it again with their two photographs of the marriage functions, invitation card, address or age proof of both persons, notary of the magistrate for showing you that the couple is married under the Hindu act of marriage. It must be suitable for all the mental condition with the proof of non-relationship between both families of the degree of prohibition.

All the documents must be given to the officer and the families need to pay the deposit of sum lump amount at the sub-registrar and attach the receipt with the form. Once you submit the application and the documents are verified, the officer will give you the registration date when they will issue the marriage certificate.

Online Registration for Marriage Certificate

Yes, you can also register it online, but it is not applicable in all the states of India. It is not available even in the big cities like Mumbai or Bengaluru, but it is now available in Delhi. The people of Delhi can register themselves online too.

  1. Select your district appropriately
  2. Fill the details of the boy who is husband
  3. Select the option of ‘registration of marriage certificate’
  4. Fill the required details available in the marriage certificate
  5. Choose the appointment date
  6. Choose the submit button

The page of acknowledgment will get appear with all the relevant details of your appointment and instructions. The temporary number will then be allotted to be found on the slip of acknowledgment. The applicant should print it and save the copy of the form and slip.

Conditions for Marriage Certificate

The marriage can be fixed between two religion families by fulfilling the conditions –

  • No party must have the spouse living already before the marriage
  • If any party is not able to provide the valid consent to it in the consequence of mind
  • If they are able to give the consent, they must not be going with some mental disorder or such disease which cannot be fit to the marriage and procreation of children
  • No one of them must have the chances of attacks of epilepsy or insanity.
  • The bride must have the age of 18 years and the bridegroom must have the age of 21 years at the marriage time.
  • The families are not in the degree of prohibited relationship, unless and until the custom or usage providing them to permit for the marriage relationship.
  • The families are not the lineal ascendant, unless and until the custom or usage provides them to get married to each other.

Meaning of Degree of prohibited relationship

Two people are considered to be qualified under the degrees of relationship –

  • If one partner is the lineal ascendant of the other one.
  • If anyone was the wife or husband of lineal descendant or ascendant of the other one.
  • If anyone was the wife of the brother or of father and mother’s brother.
  • If they are brother or sister by any relation, aunt or nephew, uncle and niece, children of brother and sister, etc.

If even one of these conditions is true, the marriage relationship will be recognized as void.

Some Exception Condition for Marriage Certificate

The rituals and custom are recognized as important. This means if there is a custom of doing any of these conditions, then they can get married if they do not even fulfill the demands of a degree of prohibited relationship.

Punishing the Suspects for Violation

The marriage between both people within the degree of prohibited relationship is counted as void or null. Thus, if they violate the rules of the degree of prohibited relationship will have to pay 10,000 INR or imprisonment of one month or both because such marriages are considered null.

Thus, then you are completed with your registration, in a few days, you will get the marriage certificate at your door. But these were all offline methods, let us now go with the online registration of marriage in this digital world. But before that, let us first see the documents needs to be submitted.

Documents Needed for Marriage Certificate

  1. Fully filled the application form and signed by both people in a couple
  2. Address proof such as Voter ID, Passport, Ration Card or driving license
  3. DOB proof of both
  4. 2 photographs of passport size and 1 photograph of the marriage function
  5. Affidavits of marriage in prescribe format separately of both
  6. Aadhaar card
  7. These all documents must self-attested or notary
  8. Invitation card of marriage

Uses of Marriage Certificate

There are many purposes of the marriage certificate. The first and important one is that your marriage will be legally registered and so for any application, you can use this marriage certificate also such as for passport, visa, etc.

Also, it is used for getting the life insurance or deposits of a bank without any nominee.

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