Benefits of Kojic Acid

Kojic acid is a natural metabolite that is made of various fungal types. It lightens the skin by preventing tyrosine, the amino acid that produces melanin, from being produced. Kojic acid was not identified as a toxicant when examined in acute, chronic and reproductive studies. The skin is absorbed slowly, but the health risk threshold is not reached.

What is Kojic Acid

Kojic acid is occasionally used to lighten their skin in health and beauty products. It can be utilized for skin treatment, including sun injuries, scars and spots of age. The science behind the function of Kojic acid as an illuminating substance affects the production of melanin. Melanin is a pigment in the body that naturally produces its color in the eyes, hair and skin. To encourage melanin production, an amino acid called tyrosine is needed. Kojic Acid works by blocking the formation of tyrosine, thus avoiding the production of melanin.

Kojic acid in cosmetics, such as creams, lotions and serums, is most commonly used. It is also used in certain soaps. Many products are designed for hands or faces with kojic acid. Other parts of the body, like legs and arms, may include products containing kojic acid. Kojic acid levels are frequently between 1 and 4 per cent in cosmetics. Applied to the skin and left to absorb certain products with kojic-acid, such as serums.

Antibacterial Properties of Kojic Acid 

Kojic acid also has antibacterial properties to help treat the acne itself, as well as to help relieve aging scars. It is also found on anti-aging fronts. They are even protected by antioxidants to combat radical damage free. This very versatile ingredient can be found in all aspects, from spot treatment to facial creams and peel pads through to serums. Kojic acid can be used daily, though sensitive skin individuals may want to start twice a week and increase frequency as the skin becomes more tolerant.

Kojic Acid Benefits

  • Melasma treatment
  • Anti-aging
  • Scar Lightening
  • Antibacterial benefits
  • Antifungal effects

Kojic acid can be useful for persons with dark spots due to sun damage, aging or scars on their skin. It may, however, be advised not to use kojic acid for people with certain skin conditions or allergies. The best way to make sure Kojic Acid products are safe is to talk to a dermatologist always. A dermatologist may also make recommendations on specific products, including usage frequency and strength of concentration. Some people can see results in a few weeks, but in certain situations, it may take longer. Only for a short time canned products containing kojic acid be recommended for use.

When selecting products, people should follow their usage instructions. It is also important to ensure that the product contains the concentration of kojic acid. Persons with rash or irritation should immediately stop using products that contain kojic acid. In a few days, if the symptoms don’t become clear, a doctor should be consulted. Kojic acid should not be used on red or irritated skin. The broken skin should not be used as well.

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