SBI Life ULIP Plans

SBI Life ULIP Plans are amongst the best long-term investment plans that also provide insurance plans. ULIPs are a good product that provides the facility of making direct market investments in order to gain returns and plan for long term goals. The basic features around which a unit linked plan is customized for are flexibility and transparency. The ULIP plans provide their policyholder the flexibility to manage their funds based on their risk tolerance appetite. SBI Life ULIP plans are distinctly formed to provide good coverage on life risk and savings based on the basic goals of an individual.

SBI Life presents 8 varied ULIP plans based on individual requirements. SBI Life has been long bullish on giving special preference to unit-linked plans to provide maximum coverage and saving benefits. The SBI Life ULIP plans have distinct features and benefits of availing them in the form of tax saving, coverage, and return benefits.


Below are some of the ULIP plans provided by SBI Life:

SBI Life Smart Privilege

You work so hard to provide financial security to your family. In the case of any unforeseen event, if something major happens to you and the incident puts a stop or a long pause to your income source then who will look after your financial needs of your family. Therefore, it is important for you to get insured with an investment cum insurance plan like ULIP which provides coverage and saving options to you based on major life stage goals. Therefore, it is important to do the smart investment of money in good products that benefits your needs accordingly.

The SBI Life Smart Privilege plan is a non-participating unit-linked life insurance plan that has varied features and benefits to help you maintain a good lifestyle even after fulfilling the life stage needs. This unit linked insurance plan provides the choice of managing your funds according to your needs and increase the value of your money. The SBI Life unit linked Smart Privilege plan allows you to make several fund switches between 8 varied funds to earn returns as per your choice. Additionally, this SBI Life ULIP plan does not include any fund switching charges or any administration charges on to enhance the value of your invested funds.

SBI Life eWealth Insurance

The SBI Life eWealth is an online unit linked non-participating insurance plan.

Increasing the value of you wealth is more important than just earning money for living. In order to grow money, you need to take the risk which means investments. However, SBI Life eWealth is a moderate risk ULIP plan which provides you life cover for major life risk and gives returns on the invested funds.
This non-participating SBI Life unit linked insurance plan has 2 main plan options to help you choose from which is Growth fund and Balanced funds. These premiums paid under these funds are chosen by the AAA (Automatic Asset Allocation). With the help of AAA feature in the plan option, the insurance holder is able to survive in the high-risk fields during the initial plan days and then gradually switch funds with lower risk funds like the Money market instruments or the Debt funds investments. At the time of policy maturity, the funds invested by you flow from Equity market which has a higher risk to the Money market which has lower risks to provide you return on your invested money.

SBI Life Smart Wealth Builder

With the ever-changing needs of life, you also update your financial preferences. Hence to fulfill your needs of life financially SBI Life has introduced a new ULIP plan called Smart Wealth Builder. With this ULIP plan, you can choose the amount of required sum assured with respect to the maximum allowed and minimum cover can be availed the insurance holder.

SBI Life Smart Wealth Assure

The SBI Life Smart Wealth Assure is a non-participating unit linked plan which is a single premium insurance cum investment plan. There is no hassle of making regular premiums since this ULIP plan has a single premium payment frequency for its holders.
The Smart Wealth Assure plan allows the ULIP holder the enjoy the best return on his funds invested along with enjoying life covers in just a single premium payment option.

SBI Life Saral Maha Anand

Life takes away all the pleasures and comforts availed after any unforeseen situation. The increasing risk of life makes it very important to cover you with a good insurance plan or a mediclaim or make a good market investment with moderate risk. SBI Life Understands this really well and hence, has come up with a good unit linked insurance plan which is Saral Maha Anand. As the name suggests, this ULIP is framed for the individuals for them to have the best comfort of life even when facing dilemmas and going to major life hurdles. Simplicity and affordability are what make this unit linked stand out of other insurance products.

SBI Life Smart Scholar

Life restarts with the birth of a baby. The joy is never replaced with any of the other joys. And the feeling grows as the child takes its first step since you get the sense of being responsible towards your expenditures and future. The irreplaceable happiness also comes with the beginning of decision-making and future planning. You want to flourish you child with the upbringing you could not have and give him the best possible education.

SBI Life provides Smart Scholar unit linked insurance plan to secure the future of your child and give them the best education along with securing them financially.
With this unit linked insurance plan secure the future of your child by directly investing your funds into the market in order to gain returns on your invested funds.

SBI Life Smart Elite

SBI Life has this new unit linked insurance plan which is specially crafted for premium customers. This unit linked plan gives the choice of paying the premium amounts by single premium payment and gives the privilege to stay invested along with earning returns for a longer period of time.

SBI Life Smart Power Insurance

With SBI Life Smart Power insurance the individuals have the guarantee of a protected future and fulfill their financial goals and meet any monetary emergency.
The SBI Life Smart Power Insurance is a unit linked insurance plan which is non-participating that promises to take care of all your liquidity needs and provide returns based on the current market performance of the funds. Also, this ULIP plan allows you to take additional coverage based on the changing needs of life.

Much said and read about ULIP plans, now chooses the best from SBI Life and make smart investment move along with getting insured.

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