How to Check SBI Life Insurance Policy Status

In the world of insurance companies, SBI Life is one of the famous names. It provides life cover to you and your family. Its hassle-free process makes it unique from others. The policy status checking process is very simple and hassle-free. Do not take much time as well. The policyholder can check status via offline and online method both. Let’s see how you can check the policy status.

Check SBI policy status through online

Digitalization has made our life much easier than earlier. Now one can do all operations online. To check the SBI policy status you need to visit the official website of SBI Life. On the main page, you will see an option named as an online service. Now click on the online service. Once you clicked, a login page will be displayed. Two options would be displayed, new users and registered users. Click on the registered users if you are an old user else enter new user.

Now enter the ID and Password and login. The policyholder has to enter the details like policy number, customer ID and your date of birth as well while logging. Once the policyholder enters all the required details, the policyholder is redirected to another page. On that page, they need to choose the option to check the enroll policies. After clicking on the view enroll policies, a new page will display which show all the policy details like the premium amount, enrollment date, vested bonus. Click on your policy number, and you can easily check your policy status.

Check SBI life insurance policy status offline

Like online, you can check the policy status through offline as well. It’s true that digital India has not been able to digitalize every corner of the country yet. Those who do have smartphone or do not have the access of the internet for them SBI life insurance has introduced an offline process (SMS service and customer care calling service) to check the Policy status. One can check the status without login the page.

Check SBI policy status via SMS

SBI life insurance policy is the one-stop solution for every person. Activate the SMS process to check the policy status. Through SMS service, the company provides detail update regarding the policy. SMS to POLSTATUS <space> enter policy number and send to 56161.

Call customer service to check SBI policy status 

SBI life insurance offer service 24/7. You can call anytime to their customer service department to know the status of your policies. You will get a prompt reply. It is a toll-free number. The policyholder needs to provide the required details to the customer care executive. You can ask about your due date of premium payment and other details related to your policy.

SBI policy status checking process for new customers

Visit the official site of SBI life insurance; you will notice a login option is displayed on the top right corner, click it. Now click on “customer” under the login section. You will be redirected to another page. Have you noticed the “new User” option? Click on that.

Now you need to fill a form and put information like your policy number, DOB, email id and customer ID. Now click on submit. Create a unique password. Now you can log in to the official site and check your policy status anytime.

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