How to Check LIC Policy Status Without Registration?

LIC policy holders can now check LIC policy status without registration by phone, mobile phone or SMS or log on at LIC online portal. After getting the policy, you can inquire about the policy status and its unpaid premium, policy schedule and its due date, bonus status and loan status. Easing people’s lives each passing day, the policyholders can make payments through UPI, BHIM, Credit Card, Debit Card and Net banking.

LIC Policy Status through LIC IVR and Phone Helpline System

LIC has set up an IVR system for customer facilitation. The LIC IVR system or Integrated Voice Response System is a machine based response system and does not require a human interface to respond to customer queries. Policy holders would need to follow the command path to enable the IVR machine to provide them with the required information regarding their LIC policy status.

LIC Universal Access Number

The universal access number or UAN of LIC is the number which provides access to the LIC IVR system from any part of the country. LIC’s UAN number is 1251. If you are trying to access the LIC IVR by your MTNL or BSNL number then you need to simply press the numbers 1251 on your phone keypad.

If you are trying to access the LIC IVR from a phone or mobile phone other than MTNL or BSNL then before pressing the UAN number 1251 you need to also type your city code numbers. For example if you reside in New Delhi and you are trying to access the IVR from a non MTNL or BSNL phone or mobile device then you would need to type 0111251, as 011 is the city code number for New Delhi.

The UAN number is operational 24 by 7 in several cities whereas in other cities the number may be operational during office hours only.

To know more about the timings of helpline numbers in the various zones and cities visit http://lichelpline[dot]com/lic-helpline-numbers.html

LIC Zonal Customer Support Numbers

LIC has divided its operations into eight zonal centres and each zonal centre has phone helpline facility. The customer care numbers of different zones can be accessed from https://www.licindia[dot]in/Customer-Services/Phone-Help-Line. For any reason should the UAN not work policy holders can always dial the customer care helpline numbers of their respective zones during the office hours.

Policy holders and customers can get updated information on their LIC Policy Status through the LIC IVR or phone helpline number just by providing their LIC policy number. Status information can include information regarding bonus, nomination, premium, loan amount available and other details. The IVR will ask the caller to press specific numbers for getting the required status information.

LIC Policy Status through SMS

Policy holders can also get updated information on LIC policy status by sending SMS through their mobile devices to 56767877.

The general format for sms text would be ASKLIC<policy number>status information.

To Know LIC Policy Premium Status

If you want to know the status of premiums for your LIC policy then text ASKLIC<policy number>PREMIUM and send to 56767877.

To Know LIC Policy Bonus Status

Several LIC policies have bonus features. If you have such a policy and want to know the present status of bonuses of your policy like how much bonus has accrued or how much has been paid then you can text ASKLIC<policy number>BONUS and send it to 56767877 to get your required status.

To Know LIC Policy Revival Amount Status

Sometimes policies may lapse and would need to be revived. LIC policy may lapse if premium is not paid within the stipulated grace period. A lapsed policy may be revived within two years of lapsed date. To revive a lapsed policy, policy holders are required to pay revival amount which can vary. If you are a policy holder who has applied for policy revival and want to know how much revival amount is applicable in your case then you can send text ASKLIC<policy number>REVIVAL to 56767877 for getting your desired information.

To Know LIC Policy Available Loan Amount Status

Several LIC policies have loan availability feature. To know the amount of loan available against your policy send text message ASKLIC<policy number>LOAN to 56767877.

To Know LIC Policy Nomination Status

Just text ASKLIC<policy number>NOM to 56767877.

To Know LIC Pension Policy Status

Just send text message ASKLIC<policy number>STAT to 56767877. For specific pension policy status information like due existence certificate, release date of annuity, annuity amount or information of cheque return type ECDUE, ANNPD, AMOUNT and CHQRET respectively in the text format after the policy number.

For any other LIC Policy status information not available through sms policy holders can always take help of IVR or LIC customer help line numbers.

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