Benefits of Garlic

Garlic is a medicinal plant, which is commonly known for its strong flavor and smell. It has a mixed flavor, which is a combination of sweet, pungent and nutty. it is known for its versatile use as it can be combined with any spice to enhance the taste of the dish. Apart from its flavors it known for its antibacterial properties. WHO recommends a regular intake of 5gram  fresh garlic. The benefit of garlic can be seen as under:

Risk of Lung Cancer

To reduce lung cancer risk it is advised to eat raw garlic 2 times a week. It helps in reducing 44 per cent of the risk. Garlic works the same as a chemo-prevention agent does.

Brain Cancer

A dead brain tumor glioblastomas can be effectively destroyed by consumption of garlic due to the presence of Organo-sulfur compounds in it.

Health benefits of Garlic

Treats Cough and Cold

Raw garlic has the ability to prevent cough and cold infections. Eating two smashed cloves of garlic on an empty stomach has the highest benefit. For children and infants, holding garlic cloves in a string around their necks is intended to alleviate the effects of congestion.

Cardiac Health

Allicin, a substance contained in garlic, prevents oxidizing LDL (bad cholesterol). This decreases cholesterol levels and increases heart health. Regular intake of garlic decreases the occurrence of blood clots and thus helps avoid thromboembolism. Garlic also reduces blood pressure so that it is ideal for people with diabetes. Learn all on how to manage elevated blood pressure.

Weight Loss

Garlic decreases the expression of certain genes involved in the development of fat storage cells. It also improves thermogenesis in the body and contributes to further fat burning and reduction of LDL (bad cholesterol).

Healthy Skin

Garlic helps avoid acne from arising and lessens acne marks. Skin infections, psoriasis, rashes and blisters may all benefit from the use of garlic extract. It also guards against UV rays and slows ageing. Helps to give you a clear skin by taking actions on all marks and dark spots.

Boosts Immunity

Garlic guards against free radicals and prevents DNA damage. Zinc promotes immunity and vitamin C helps combat infections. It is very effective against eye and ear infections because it has antimicrobial properties.

Better Digestion

Digestive symptoms improve with the addition of raw garlic to the diet. It is helpful to the intestines and decreases blood pressure. Eating raw garlic effectively kills bad bacteria in the intestine. The good thing is that it kills the poor bacteria and preserves the good bacteria in the intestine.

Liver Injury

Due to over-consumption of alcoholic drinks for a long period, alcohol-induced liver damage is caused. With the consumption of garlic, such liver injuries can also be cured. It is observed by scientists that garlic derived substance diallyl disulfide (DADS), can be used to cure liver damage.

Premature Delivery

The consumption of food with antimicrobial and prebiotic substances may be of value to reduce the risk of premature delivery. Risk of premature delivery in women is found due to Microbial infections during pregnancy.

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