Benefits of Egg

An egg has two parts one is the yolk and the other is the white part, both the parts are enriched with vitamins, proteins and minerals. The yolk contains fatty acids, cholesterol, vitamin D and E. Eggs are also an important component of cooking since their unique chemical make-up is basically the foundation of many important baking processes. The egg is considered the most healthy and inexpensive food. An egg can be cooked in several different ways; also it can be used in various dishes to enhance taste and texture. Eggs are a rich source of protein and in the main diet ingredient for people who are gyming.

Health benefits of Egg

Health Benefit of Eggs

Here we list benefit of eggs below:

Nutritious Rich

Eggs are considered to have a lot of nutrients which are important for a balanced diet. However, the size of an egg is too small but it still contains about 72 calories (17 in the white and 55 in the yolk).

High in Cholesterol

Cholesterol affects different body types differently. Cholesterol content of a single egg is around 186 mg majorly in the egg yolk. Such cholesterol found in foods does not affect the blood cholesterol level thus it is healthy to consume. Eggs add to the good cholesterol also known as high-density lipoprotein.

Vitamin Choline

Choline is a water-soluble vitamin often used to build cell membranes. An egg contains 147mg of choline, which also helps to produce signaling molecules in the brain.

Improve Eyesight

It has been observed that as people age they tend to get eye-related problems. Egg yolk contains enough amounts of lutein and zeaxanthin, which are antioxidants that reduce the risk of cataracts and degradation of eyes. Also, vitamin A in eggs improves the health of the eyes.

Complete Meal

People following diets are recommended to take eggs in the breakfast, the idea here is to fill the stomach for longer hours so that diet can be managed throughout the day. High-quality protein content in the egg makes your meal complete.

Healthy Skin and Hair

Eggs are often applied as a hair mask to improve strengthening of hair and add shine to them. Eggs contain such vitamins that promote healthy and glowing skin. Many hair and skin products add an egg as an ingredient.

Types of egg 

  1. Quail eggs – they are used in gourmet cooking due to its petite size and pretty shell. Although it is similar to the flavors of a chicken egg. Quail egg is almost 5 times the size of a chicken egg.
  2. Duck eggs – although they look alike these are larger as compared to the chicken eggs. Duck eggs are rich in protein and fat content. On boiling, the white part of the egg turns bluish and the yolk turns red-orange.

 Risks of Egg 

There are certain health-related risks of consuming egg. The first is the bacteria, the shell of an uncooked egg contains bacteria that they enter through pores thus it is advised to undergo a sanitization process before cooking.

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  1. Good article, yes egg is a complete food like milk, full of nutrition with great taste. We can make so many dishes with eggs.

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