Benefits of Curd

One of the most popular dairy products is curd. It is made by fermentation of milk. Curd has its own texture and sourness different from milk, which it gets from lactic acid, which is a product of bacterial fermentation. In our Indian culture, every meal is accompanied by a bowl of fresh curd. Curd is also known as yoghurt. It contains many essential vitamins like B-2, B-12, and potassium, magnesium and calcium too.

There are two common types of curd one is a low-fat curd and the other is whole milk curd. A low-fat curd has all the benefits of whole milk curd. However, the only difference that they both have is in the fat composition is present in them. Low-fat curd is preferred by adults dealing with heart problems or even by those people who are struggling to lose weight. Thus for babies and children, it is advised to give the whole milk curd.

Health benefits of Curd

Curd Benefits

There are numerous benefits of curds so let us look into some of them:

Better Digestion

Yoghurt has an ingredient that contains live bacteria thus it is a healthy probiotic. These healthy and helpful bacteria are believed to enhance gut function. It also helps relax digestive tracts and treat stomach distress.

Boosts Immunity

Curd helps to combat disease-causing germs and protect the intestinal tract. According to research, it has been found that consuming 200 grams of curd proves to effectively boost immunity.

Healthy Skin

Curd is a good natural moisturizing for dry skin. People use curd on their skin by mixing it in face packs and scrubs. Curd acts as an exfoliator and removes all dead skin cells.

Manages High Blood Pressure

According to a study High Blood Pressure Research Scientific Sessions of the American Heart Association (AHA), it is proved that 31 per cent of people having non-fat curd are likely to develop high blood pressure than others. Curd is enriched with potassium and magnesium which are special proteins helping in lowering high blood pressure.

Vaginal Infections

Yoghurt can be especially beneficial for women, as it tends to discourage the development of fungal infections. Lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria present in yoghurt are believed to regulate the development of infectious disease and destroy the fungus by killing hydrogen peroxide.

Good for Bones

Calcium is all bones need to become stronger. A 250-gram bowl of yoghurt and 275mg of calcium, which is helpful for maintaining bone density. People who are trying to maintain weight add curd to their meals.

Good for Heart

Curd contains probiotics, which are helpful for heart ailments. It also purifies the blood and digestive system healthy. Coronary heart Diseases can be prevented up to 10 per cent with the help of regular intake of curd.

Brain Functioning

Dishes made with curd and green vegetables improves brain functioning. Probiotics in the curd reduce stress and enhance brain activity. According to a study is has been observed that all fermented milk products affect the brain region responsible for controlling emotions and sensation.

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