10 Side effects of Endura Mass and how to gain weight naturally?

Many people use nutritional supplements without knowing the composition. In some cases, nutritional supplements can contain traces of steroids that can affect your health in the long run. Apart from that, you should also understand that using the supplements in the right dosage is very important to get good results. If you become over enthusiastic and try to consume them in large doses to get early results, it can cause lot of damage to your body.

Endura Mass – Side Effects

let us see some of the Endura mass uses and side effects in this article. While the product is known to help skinny people gain weight, you should use it in the right dosage and also workout regularly to build healthy muscles.

Increase the fat content

This supplement is known to be rich in saturated fats and this can easily increase the fat content in the body. It is also very high in calories and your body will not have any other option but to store the excess calories in the form of fat when you are not working out regularly. For this reason, you should avoid using this supplement if you lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Often leads to constipation

As the body does not process such high intake of calories in the normal manner, it often leads to constipation. Most people who use endura mass complain about such side effects and this is more visible in the early stages. However, your body may get used to this supplement after a couple of weeks and there is no need to worry about the side effects if they are mild in nature.

Affects the metabolism

It can slow down the metabolism drastically in some cases and make it difficult for your body to burn fat effectively in the long run. Unless you lead an active lifestyle, you should not take such supplements as they are loaded with sugar and this can put lots of unhealthy calories into your body.

Decreases sex drive

The nutritional supplement contains lot of soy protein and has sugar in excess quantity that can affect the testosterone levels in the body. This often lowers the sex drive in men and you may find it difficult to hold an erection for long duration. However, this is often visible only when you use it for many months in large quantities.

Increase in blood sugar level

The sugar content is relatively high in this supplement and it can quickly get dissolved in the blood leading to high levels of blood sugar in the body. You need to be extra careful if you are suffering from diabetes or other associated conditions and only use them after consulting your doctor.

Can lead to depression

It is also known to trigger depression in some cases and you should consider using such supplements only after consulting your doctor. If you have a history of such mental disorders, you should avoid using such products.

Causes hormonal imbalance in women

It can affect the hormonal balance of the body and women often notice symptoms of excess hair growth in the body while using this medication. For this reason, you should have a proper understanding about Endura mass uses and side effects and use the supplement after getting suggestions from your doctor.

Can cause damage to muscle tissues

When the supplement is used for a long duration, it can cause some damage to the muscle tissues and you may find it difficult to gain healthy muscles. For this reason, you should always go to the gym or get involved in rigorous activities while using this supplement.

Can lead to fatty liver

The high amount of calories in this supplement can lead to fatty liver in some cases. If you are having a low metabolism or lead a sedentary lifestyle, you should be aware of such side effects.

Make it difficult for you to lose weight later

When you use this supplement for many months, you may gain weight in an unhealthy manner and this makes it difficult for you to lose weight at a later stage. The stubborn fat can become difficult to handle when you use the supplement for a long duration.

How to gain weight naturally without using supplements?

There are many healthy ways of gaining weight and you should focus on the below mentioned points instead of using nutritional supplements. When you have no other option, you should consider the Endura mass uses and side effects before using such supplements. This will give you fair idea about its advantages and disadvantages and you can continue to use supplements or choose other methods to gain weight.

Focus on nutrition

Many people fail to gain weight as they do not focus on the nutritional aspect of the diet. It is not enough if you just eat lots of food as your body also needs nutrition to digest the food and use the vitamins and minerals to strengthen your body. Eat a well-balanced diet to gain weight in a healthy manner.

Include dry fruits and nuts in your diet

Using dry fruits and nuts can give you lots of nutrition with very less calories and your body will get the required strength to handle your workout sessions. This will also provide protein and other vitamins in the appropriate dosage and help to build muscles.

Start working out regularly

If you think that working out is only for losing weight, you are absolutely wrong. You need to understand that building muscle is the best way to gain weight in the long run and you will be able to maintain the healthy weight only when you include some exercises in your everyday routine.

Eat eggs and other protein rich foods

You should also eat some eggs and other foods that are rich in protein as they help to build muscles and you will not be gaining excess fat by using such foods.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

The best way to provide good nutrition for your body is to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. In this way, you can get good quantity of protein that helps you to gain weight in a healthy way.

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