Basic Car Maintenance Tips

If you buy the car, then you have to maintain it with proper care, so that you need not have to spend money on it for repairs. Maintaining the car is an essential step for every car owner for increasing the car’s life. It can make it look fine and new later in the future. If you follow the car maintenance tips described below here, then your car will always be in good condition.

You can perform this monthly or weekly and maintain your car accordingly for last it longer. When you just stick to the routine, then your car will look and feel out with the new feel and look for many years. You will have a few problems and better performance. You need to follow the regular maintenance routine and everything will get fine with your car.

By changing the oil, monitoring the pressure of the tire, and replacing the parts of it whenever needed can save your money in the long run and help you feel like you have that feeling of the new car. There is a list of car maintenance tips to be followed for keeping it in fine condition.

Check the filter of air from time to time

Many problems of the car occur due to the faulty filters of air which is attached to them and the wear affected by them. You must get your filters with changing it every 12 months or 12000 miles, whichever comes first. Never avoid this thing as it can create an issue with our Air filter and this can even help you breath clean and fresh air in the car.

You can get this filter replaced at the mechanic process in the garage’s comfort in just 10 minutes. By doing it own self, you can just save the trip to the mechanic and also its money. Here are some things you can do it –

  • Place your filter which is located under the car’s hood. It may appear like the black box of the rectangle which has metal clips within it. You must see it as you pop out the hood. And if you do not find it out, then check out the manual for assistance.
  • After situating it, remove the casing and check the filter fitted in it as it is essential to note it the directions of the air filter. Make the note and then remove it.
  • After removing it, insert the new filter with the same direction as the old one. It needs to be fit in the same way as the old filter with the perfect fitting into the position.
  • Now just close the metal clips or fastener when it is done. Now you need to change the air filter.

You can also clean the debris from the new air filter if there seems to be a low flow of air. Using the compressed air or a brush for removing any debris. This will improve the filter’s life and make it longer. If the air filter is dirty, it is the time for a replacement.

Inspection of tire pressure and fluids regularly

This is the thing in which you need to avoid or delay it. These are the main areas for checking on your car properly and regularly. Making the habit of these checking, these can save you lots of money. You just need to make it a part of your weekly routine. you must never know when the leakage occurs. This can take around 10 minutes.

If your car has the sealed transmission with no dip, then you can just skip this step. When your car is running, on level ground, warmed up, and in the park, you can open out the hood and check out the level of transmission fluid.

Pull out the dip stick, clean it again with the paper towel or cloth and place the dip stick again. Next, again pull out the dip stick and see for the hot level line. The transmission of oil must be up to the line. If you see the brown fluid, then it is the time of replacement. It must always be a pinkish color.

Then shut off the car and wait until the engine gets cools down within 30 minutes and pull the oil dipstick. Using the white paper cloth for wiping it off the oil, will assure you can see out the color of oil so that you know it is good. The color can be yellow in color, with little darker, but not black or brown.

Clean the stick properly and put it back. Now again when you pull it and you will check out the oil must reach all its way to the full line. Some cars have a cold and hot temperature line. If it is at the line for the appropriate temperature, then everything will be correct. If the oil is very high or low, go to an oil service to get it checked out.

This is the perfect time for checking the level of fluid as well. Check out the belts and hoses for any indications of wear. Now for your tires, you just need to check out the pressure y using the Guage and assure that it has the appropriate correct pressure for all the tires.

Check out the battery

Many people have their battery of car running out when they require it urgently. You also may have faced such situation that left out stranded on the street at nights where you only have your cell phone.

For preventing such situations, never avoid your low battery signs on the dashboard of the car and get it to check regularly. Also, check out for any build up mineral or leakage around it. Clean it with the cleaning brush of battery and do this thing whenever required.

Thus, these above were some basic car maintenance tips which you must follow for getting your car run for a longer time. You need to follow this and make it the part of your routine may be monthly or weekly accordingly.

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